Monva Olive Oil Set

Monva Olive Oil Set

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This set offers three of the best olive oils from Spain - Dominus Cosecha Temprana, Dominus Acebuche and Valle Magina. Get the best and complete set for your kitchen! 


Valle Mágina is an exponent of the best oils bearing the seal of the Sierra Mágina Designation of Origin, mountain oils of the picual variety, which offers its best qualities in mountainous environments.

It is defined by an intense fruity flavor and great stability, provided by its high content in provitamins, polyphenols and other antioxidants, which offer extraordinary benefits for our health and provide a superior degree of conservation of the oil’s organoleptic characteristics.

The olives that produce Valle Mágina are picked at the end of November, combining fruits that are still at an initial ripening stage with others that have already completed their cycle.

The beating temperature below 27º C provides us with an oil of intense aroma, offering multiple sensations that make up an irreproachable organoleptic profile.

Tasting profile

  • Appearance: golden green color
  • Aromas: notes of fresh wood, tomato plant and fig tree prevail
  • In mouth: dense, with body, with an elegant and balanced mouth feel


Dominus Acebuche is produced with fruits that are collected by hand from the wild acebuches that grow at 600 metres above sea level, on the slopes of the Cortijo Virgen de los Milagros hills, on the foothills of Sierra Mágina Natural Park.

Surrounded by a protected forest mass that includes aromatic plants such as thyme, winter savory, and rosemary, our wild acebuches are born spontaneously and grow naturally in perfect acclimation to the mountainous environment.

The picking of the fruits is necessarily manual, and it is carried out through the “milking” system. The immediate cold extraction of the fruits gives us every year around 950 liters of acebuchina oil of extraordinary quality, with a very high content in natural antioxidants.

Tasting profile

Appearance: golden green color
Aroma: fragrant aroma of green fruits with critical notes of mint, tomato plant, grass, and green apple
Taste: very aromatic, the notes of green leaf are predominant. Perfect balance between bitter and astringent flavors. Progressive spiciness


Dominus Early Harvest is the result of decades of experience from the Montabes Vañó family in the production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and the expression of a desire: achieving a special, exclusive quality Olive Oil.

The selection and collection of the fruits that give birth to Dominus Early Harvest are its main differential factor, since these two processes are carried out in mid-October, when the olives present an initial ripening stage. This gives an organoleptic profile of great intensity and freshness, as well as prominent nutritional properties due to its high content in pro-vitamins and natural antioxidants.

The grinding of these fruits at a temperature lower than 20º C enables the strong, complex aromas that make it truly unique.

Tasting profile

Appearance: clean, with an intense green color, due to its high clorophile content
Aroma: fragrant, fruity aroma of green olive, with notes of freshly cut grass, fig tree, artichoke, tomato plant, banana peel and green almond.
Taste: slightly bitter and spicy, in perfect balance. Harmonious sensation of high-persistance freshness.