Dominus Cosecha Temprana

Dominus Cosecha Temprana

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Dominus Early Harvest is the result of decades of experience from the Montabes Vañó family in the production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and the expression of a desire: achieving a special, exclusive quality Olive Oil.

The selection and collection of the fruits that give birth to Dominus Early Harvest are its main differential factor, since these two processes are carried out in mid-October, when the olives present an initial ripening stage. This gives an organoleptic profile of great intensity and freshness, as well as prominent nutritional properties due to its high content in pro-vitamins and natural antioxidants.

The grinding of these fruits at a temperature lower than 20º C enables the strong, complex aromas that make it truly unique.

Tasting profile

Appearance: clean, with an intense green color, due to its high clorophile content
Aroma: fragrant, fruity aroma of green olive, with notes of freshly cut grass, fig tree, artichoke, tomato plant, banana peel and green almond.
Taste: slightly bitter and spicy, in perfect balance. Harmonious sensation of high-persistance freshness.

Quality certifications

“Sierra Mágina” Protected Designation of Origin
Regulation on Integrated Production
“Certified Quality” by the Andalusian regional government
ISO 9001: Quality Management: production and bottling processes
ISO 14001: Environment Protection: production and bottling
IFS: International Food Standard: production and bottling processes

Dominus Early Harvest is one of the most prized oils in the world.